Genetic predispositions accompany us from birth, so it is especially important to know from an early age how to protect ourselves.

This is exactly why the nutrition DNA test, Nutrifit, proves to be useful for each individual. By taking a sample of cells from the mouth and saliva, DNA is isolated and analysed, and depending on the type of test you choose, an analysis is performed on a number of genes that are responsible for the effect of the diet on body weight, the rate of metabolism, the nutritional needs of the body, the individual needs for exercise, the heart health, the detox, the health and elasticity of the skin and various others.

The combination of the genetic profile with Dr. Makri’s innovative NMTA method aims at designing personalised guidelines to improve the quality of your life. Nutrifit is a completely safe and painless test, and addresses men and women who are interested in the health of their body and skin.