Neurofeedback is an important therapeutic method, which was developed by Dr. Alena Plieninger, and is applied using the SCENAR device in injuries, as well as in acute and chronic pains.

It looks like an electrotherapy device and is based on the principle of feedback. Neural impulses are used to send an electrical pulse-stimulus to the human body, to record the body’s response and to retransmit this stimulus according to the body’s needs. This pulse has the effect of modifying the perception of pain by the human body, while, acting on the neural axes, it affects body fluids and fasciae, differentiating the sensation of pain, both acute and chronic.

This treatment activates the body’s natural defence mechanisms, resulting in the release of neuropeptides, which can not only relieve but also regenerate problem areas, greatly increasing well-being. The fact that SCENAR adapts to the human body, instead of forcing the body to adapt to the device (something that TENS technology fails to achieve), makes the treatment very different from others like it. The duration of treatment varies from case to case.

Scenar and the Magic Gloves

This treatment method carries the nick name ‘Magic Gloves’ for a very good reason!

Magic, because the method is able to solve most of muscle and soft tissue tensions. Therefore, after the treatment patients feel “amazing “. Conductive gloves are sliver treaded gloves, connected to the Scenar device which are applied to the skin. They are developed for combined use with SCENAR device for effective pain relief, reduction of swelling, increasing blood circulation or treatment of sports injuries.

Reason for using this Method is to have the Scenar impulse penetrate deeper into the tissue without causing pain to the patient, as commonly happens with other methods (trigger points, APM, Acupuncture, Sports Massage etc.). The muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons are gently loosened and the blood circulation of the tissue is stimulated. The patient will experience less or almost no pain and both the therapist and patient will end up more relaxed. It is a very pleasant treatment and most patients love it. In an hour’s session the whole body can be treated with great success.

The electrode gloves can be used to treat the following conditions: Arthritis of the hand, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, General pain in the hand, Poor circulation, acute injuries, ankle sprains, deep bruising, recovery from knee replacement or knee pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, inflammations, jaw tension, joint problems, adhesions, scars (even very deep/Endoscopy). Muscle tension, neck stiffness, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis / golfers’ elbow. A complete body treatment for athletes, people under stress or anyone wanting that “feel good” feeling.