Our approach is different and innovative. Physical & mental balance is achieved by bringing together in action the Hippocratic Pythagorean nutrition along with modern metabolomics

What is NMTA®?

NMTA® stands for Nutritional Metabolomic and Temperament Analysis.

The scientific creator and the brains behind it is Ageliki Makri, clinical dietician and Doctor of the Medical School of the University of Athens, as well as founder of Diet Praxis. The ΝΜΤΑ® method is, on the one hand, a very important chapter in Integrated Medicine and, on the other hand, an innovative and pioneering approach in the field of nutrition that is applied exclusively at Diet Praxis.

What is the NMTA® approach?

The ΝΜΤΑ® approach is different yet innovative. It is a scientific pairing of the Hippocratic Pythagorean philosophies and the modern metabolomics that are masterfully adapted to meet today’s standards. The harmonious combination of these theories with modern science and Dr. Makri’s extensive research has led us to believe that proper management of our weight and mainly of our health is directly related to food, as well as to stress hormones which are inextricably linked to our way of life and to a large extent define it.

At Diet Praxis using the ΝΜΤΑ® method we look for and identify the root of the problem. Our method believes in and faithfully serves the vision of Integrated Medicine.

Temperament Analysis plays a crucial role in our method, being an important chapter in Integrated Medicine and an equally important part of the personalised consultation the patient receives at Diet Praxis.

In psychology, temperament refers to a person’s characteristics, like introversion or extroversion, which are often considered innate rather than acquired traits.

A great many classificatory schemes for temperament have been developed; however, none has achieved a general consensus in academia. Historically, the idea of temperament has been part of the theory of 4 humours, with the respective 4 temperaments (sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic). It was firstly formulated by Hippocrates claiming that the human body consists of 4 fluids: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

These bodily fluids had to be in balance for someone to be in good shape, otherwise they would lead to dyscrasia (imbalance) or in modern terms disease.

Temperament Analysis is an important chapter in Integrated Medicine.

It examines the three aspects of the human body, the organic, the metabolic and the energy one, and narrows the divide between the Hippocratic Medicine and modern science by applying the theory of humours in modern metabolomics, while at the same time it has applications in Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Neurology, Psychosomatic disorders, Gynaecology, Pathology, etc.

Who is the ΝΜΤΑ® for?

Those who come to Diet Praxis are looking for a way to “lose some extra pounds”. Soon after though, they realize that being healthy and free from weight issues takes more than eating less, losing weight and moving more. Our method constitutes the most reliable and efficient way to manage one’s weight in a healthy manner and for the long haul.

Health disorders like migraines, allergies, insomnia, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, difficulties in quitting smoking, that have not been dealt with for a long time, can be treated using the ΝΜΤΑ® method, while at the same time there are protocols for cases of people with Parkinson’s disease, those who are in the autism spectrum or women who receive in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Diet Praxis is aimed at people who want to improve their overall health and quality of life by identifying the exact cause of the problem they are facing.

Your First Visit


Step 1

The first visit is the most important one. The total duration of your first visit at Diet Praxis lasts 2-3 hours max. Initially, we get a brief medical history (it is recommended that you have the most recent blood tests with you).


Step 2

Next, basic measurements are performed, such as body fat and resting metabolic rate (RMR) measurements as well as a metabolic assessment. From the resulting data for each person a series of measurements and tests follow. In the final stage of your visit, Dr. Makri using the Asyra technology as the “tool” of her method completes your metabolic profile, while at the same time she studies and finalises your temperament profile.


Step 3

Based on all the data (individual’s organic, metabolic, temperament state), she recommends a specific diet, many times in combination with dietary supplements, as well as treatments that will help improve the condition of each visitor.