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Our approach is different and innovative. Physical & mental balance is achieved by bringing together in action the Hippocratic Pythagorean nutrition along with modern metabolomics


Meet the scientific creator of Diet Praxis & founder of the NMTA® method


Migraines, fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, allergies, burn out syndroms are only some of the health disorders we treat with the NMTA® method

At Diet Praxis our approach to nutrition is different yet innovative.

It is a scientific pairing of the Hippocratic-Pythagorean diets (with great results over the centuries) and the modern metabolomics that are masterfully adapted to meet today’s standards. The harmonious combination of these theories with modern science and the extensive research of Dr. Makri has led us to believe that proper weight management is directly related to food as well the stress hormone.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine once said “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”, while also highlighted that all foods are good but not good for everyone.

How often do you hear phrases like “my metabolism is stuck” or cases of people who, after exhausting diets, unfortunately not only do they not balance their weight but they also face (new) health issues? Unfortunately, these cases are the result of incorrect and incomplete dietary approaches.

At Diet Praxis, using the NMTA® (Nutritional Metabolomic and Temperament Analysis) method exclusively, we provide an individualized approach, while using the patient’s medical history, as well as specific measurements, we create a specialized and integrated individual plan that is regularly updated and aims at a nutritional balance and well-being made to last.

Because, at Diet Praxis we know that getting healthy and breaking free from weight issues takes more than eating less and moving more.

Do you want to quit smoking ?

The NMD Praxis team knows the way to do so, immediately & effortlessly.

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The NMD Praxis team offers a permanent solution.

Hi! My name is Ageliki Makri.

My many years of study and my professional career in the field of clinical dietetics have led me to the conclusion that “losing weight” is a much more complex issue than a simple and often wrong “diet” without results. I know without a doubt that being truly healthy and free of weight issues entails much more than just eating less, and choosing to do some kind of exercise. That’s why I’ve designed the NMTA® (Nutritional Metabolomic and Temperament Analysis) approach.

Your First Visit

The first visit is the most important one. The total duration of your first visit at Diet Praxis lasts 2-3 hours max. Initially, we get a brief medical history (it is recommended that you have the most recent blood tests with you).

Next, basic measurements are performed, such as body fat and resting metabolic rate (RMR) measurements as well as a metabolic assessment. From the resulting data for each person a series of measurements and tests follow. In the final stage of your visit, Dr. Makri using the Asyra technology as the “tool” of her method completes your metabolic profile, while at the same time she studies and finalises your temperament profile.

Based on all the data (individual’s organic, metabolic, temperament state), she recommends a specific diet, many times in combination with dietary supplements, as well as treatments that will help improve the condition of each visitor.

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"I visited Ms Makri about 1.5 years ago. My intentions were to improve my diet and feel healthier. By following the diet program and doing the treatments recommended by Ms. Makri specifically made for me, I have managed to increase my muscle mass and reduce my fat percentage to the desired limits."

Ares A., 29 years old 

"I first came to Ms. Makri in January 2015. I suffered from 2 autoimmune diseases, COPD, joint stiffness and with all this my energy levels were quite low. I had previously been to a Holistic Neurologist in order to treat my condition. I visited Ms. Makri, who diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome and intense stress. However, with the treatments I was prescribed, which were tailored for my case, I was able to gradually regain my vitality and energy, which today reaches 80%."

Irene Ch., 64 years old

"I visited Ms. Makri for the first time back in 2016 mainly because at that time I gained 18 kilos within a year, due to me entering menopause. This weight gain had also caused me intense stress. With regular monitoring, treatments and complimentary treatments, my condition was improved, not only by losing the extra weight but also by changing my mental state at all levels."

Eleni P., 55 years old