Biofeedback or bioenergy evaluation is done through electroacupuncture using Asyra technology, which is based on Dr. Voll’s theory, and contributes to having a complete picture of the metabolic and organic state of the individual.

All living organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa), as well as all inanimate objects, have their own electromagnetic frequencies and the ability to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals.

Based on this principle, all health problems have their own electromagnetic frequency. This frequency can be perceived by a device that is connected to the patient’s body. Asyra is an easy-to-use biofeedback device, which forms a closed circuit using 2 electrodes on the examinee’s body and indirectly controls the energy system through electricity. It provides excellent results in cause determination, rehabilitation, prevention and well-being. The device can detect all the causes of health problems with 98% success and accuracy, something that is difficult to achieve with other methods since it is usually done by recording the symptoms and not by identifying and treating the disease’s causes.

This technology controls various metabolic reference points, such as the levels of metabolites, stress and energy of the body. It is designed for all ages and is very useful in the better functioning and communication of the organs and systems of our body, as well as in coordinating our entire body to function better.

It restores the healthy frequencies of cells and organs resulting in better function and communication between them and results in improved mood, energy, psychology, sleep, metabolic activity, sexual activity and other basic functions for the quality of our daily lives. Using Asyra, we monitor the nutritional sensitivities of the individual and, consequently, we compile a personalised diet plan based on the metabolic and temperament profile of each patient. The examination lasts 60’– 90’.