Nutritional genomics: How DNA & the NMTA® method can lead to the most effective diet

Jun 16, 2022 | News

Combining the ΝΜΤΑ® method with nutritional genomics results in the most personalised nutrition you can ask for. The DNA of any two human beings is 99% identical. However, the remaining 1% is what makes each one of us unique.
Genes are those that dictate which diet is the right one for us in order to achieve the desired weight loss but also to maintain the results in the long term.
DNA Test is the analysis of genetic data and their variants associated with the unique characteristics of each individual and it is performed on the Diet Praxis premises combined with the ΝΜΤΑ® method in order to design together the personalized diet that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle with spectacular results.
The test will help you identify if you are satisfactorily digesting substances such as caffeine, lactose and gluten, what amounts of vitamins are recommended for you, how you metabolize trace minerals as well as your level of muscle and cardiometabolic health.
You will also find out which sports you are genetically predisposed to, so that you can select the one that you perform best and avoid injuries.

The process of the iDNA test takes place in our office and requires only the collection of saliva with a special cotton swab. This service is also available in the case of online sessions. After your results have been analysed, Mrs. Makri, in combination with the ΝΜΤΑ® method, comes up with a personalized nutrition plan for you with the best results and mainly with a healthy lifestyle in mind.


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