Are you sure you know your real age?

Jul 28, 2022 | News

Our birth date does not match our actual age. We may be 50 years old but feel like 30 or we may be 30 years old but feel like 50. Biological age can explain why people of the same chronological age vary greatly in the way they act and function in their everyday lives. It is the biological age that gives the answer to “how old I really am” and today we can discover it easily with a simple test at Diet Praxis.

Biological age refers to how a person is aging internally as well as the health of our cells using blood test results. It is an effective way to determine our ageing rate and it is a great step towards understanding our overall health profile.

Our lifestyle plays a key role and it is the one that significantly affects and differentiates our biological age. There are specific factors that affect it positively, such as proper nutrition, exercise, good mental health and the use of anti-aging and homoeostasis restoration supplements. Similarly, there are factors that have a negative impact, such as smoking, heavy drinking, sedentary life, improperly digested food, stress hormones, poor sleep and illnesses. Maintaining a good biological health offers us a better quality of health and well-being.

At Diet Praxis, we have developed a pioneering way, with great predictive value, to improve our biological age, combining Dr. Makri’s NMTA® method with iDNA test results. This approach enables us to monitor how the different things we do in our lives actually affect our health physically and mentally.

Today, you can easily find out your exact biological age with a simple test at Diet Praxis, and at the same time learn about the ways you can improve or maintain it. Join us to give more life to your years as well as more years to your life!


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